Whether it is your 9 to 5 job that is starting to bore you, or it’s just your adventurous nature that cannot possibly bottled up any longer, if you just want to get away for a different experience, there are innumerable opportunities for summer student jobs to explore the world as you work in summer.


Summer work does not necessarily mean that you have to take on the most common jobs such as office assistants, grocery baggers or ice cream store workers; you can venture into more exciting and adventurous activities such as being an adventure guide in Disney. We all have adored the magical stories of Disney at some point while growing up, and you may have wondered what it must be like to be a part of it or maybe tell a story like Disney does. The Adventures by Disney provides Disney guided family experiences to amazing destinations such as Egypt, Ecuador, China, Alaska and more whilst engaging in exciting activities and thrills the Disney way. The adventure guides play a major role throughout the adventurous affair by providing contact and liaison for guests, coordinating trips and to facilitate pre arranged activities. Working as an Adventure Guide will not only help you in skills development but also take you to places you have never been and still get paid.


Camping in summer can be termed as an American pastime which therefore provides work opportunities abroad. Camping programs are numerous in the USA and you can get to work as camp counselors or as a support staff. You get incredible opportunities to meet and make friends in the camps, teach your favorite sport or work behind the scenes ensuring camping activities run smoothly. You not only get an opportunity to feel the American dollars in your pockets but have incredible opportunities to travel far and wide after working in the summer camps; and yes it looks awesome on your CV.


You may have always wondered what it might feel like being in a place of extreme contrasts then you better head to Alaska. It is not just a massive wasteland of frozen ground as you may have seen in movies but a land of abundant natural resources from gold to oil and the massive supplies of salmon, halibut, shrimps and Dungeness crabs which make it the largest fishing destination in USA. It is an ideal place to explore with large tracts of land and very few people and amazing contrasts. It has frozen glaciers as well as hot springs, temperatures as low as -80 F and as high 100 degrees F, isolated villages as well as modern cities. The length of daylight is also extreme especially in summer when there are almost twenty hours of daylight.

Alaska’s commercial fishing industry is popular for producing the world’s best sea foods. The whole process of catching fish involves an army of workers which is where you chip in to work as you explore this fascinating state.

Explore the World with a Summer Overseas

Europe provides an excellent golfing experience to any golf aficionado as you can golf in the same fairways that have challenged the world’s top golf legends, practice your game and sample some of the best cuisines that the region has to offer as well as take in the stunning sceneries that Europe has to offer. Here are some of the best luxury resorts where you can practice your handicap on golf holidays in Europe:


Cyprus has earned its current position as a top holiday destination for many holiday makers; now thanks to the creation of the all encompassing five stars Aphrodite Hill Resort it has become significantly visible on the European golfing map. This is further favored by the superb climate and the terrific sandy beaches that are irresistible. It also combines a rich blend of culture, history and now with its rising standards in golfing especially around the region of Paphos makes it an ideal location for a golfing holiday.


Any serious golfer would consider swinging his club in the place where golf was invented; with over 500 courses all set within relatively small areas it is essential that golfers from all over the world pay pilgrimage to the home of golf. For history of the Open Championships St Andrews tops the list, other famous names in the history of golf include Carnoustie and Turnberry. For spectacular scenes Gleneagles in Perthshire is unrivalled; other choices include the east and the west coasts which are littered with thrilling courses.


Spain is a popular golfing destination as it offers favorable sunny weather throughout the year which makes it easier to play golf without nasty weather interruptions. The beaches and quality courses and the extensive Mediterranean coastline add value to it as a golfing destination. La Manga is the most popular golfing resort in Spain but the Costa Brava region is the emerging star currently. Other regions scattered with fine courses include San Roque, Soto Grande, Marbella and the famed Puerto Banus. Where you are seeking to unwind or enjoy some evening action, Spain is packed with niceties for you.


Portugal has long been a recognized golf destination in Europe due to its variety of top notch courses, hotels and resorts lined up along the stunning Algarve coastline. The magnificent Algarve region is littered with numerous courses that benefit from the pleasant all year round weather that makes golf an all year round sport in Portugal. Other places that offer golfing opportunities include Madeira Island and the emerging star the Lisbon coast.


France is a renowned golf destination particularly due to its phenomenal golf courses scattered all over the country. It also has an added value of amazing culture, gourmet meals, art, history and stunning sceneries. You will find fine courses in the already well established resort towns of Le Touquet and Herdelot, in Paris Dolce Chantilly and Fontainebleau awaits you whilst along the coast Trouville and Deauville are excellent.

5 of the Best Destinations for Golf Holidays in Europe




Umbria is a melting pot of the traditional and the modern with undulating patchwork of verdant fields and farm houses. It boasts of quaint medieval cities and pink stone villages that seem to have stood in time manifesting the rich culture and history of this magical destination. There is a wide variety of classic Italian villas to choose from this region where you can lose yourself in the peace and quiet whilst exploring the historical towns. Indulge in wine tasting in the distilleries and enjoy the superb variety of delectable local dishes in any of the atmospheric restaurants in the towns.


Puglia is Italy’s well kept secret that is not yet very popular with tourists. It is serenely nestled between the sapphire waters of the Adriatic and the Ionian seas forming the ‘heel’ of the Italian boot. Having undergone several civilizations including Romans, Byzantines, Normans and Bourbons it forms an integral part of Italian history. Whether you want to discover the unspoilt coastline, explore the beautiful countryside or encounter the rich history and culture a villa experience in this region is unforgettable. The mouth watering dishes of Puglia are produced from the abundant produce from the region and include red meats, rabbit and sea food.


Le Marche is an unspoilt slice of the traditional Italian lifestyle. It is rests beautifully between the azure waters of the Adriatic Sea and the High Apennine Mountains that form the backbone of the Italian peninsula. It has a rich musical heritage which is evident with the colorful festivities held in this region. It is a treasure trove of renaissance art and architecture culminated by stunning landscapes and spectacular coastline. Holiday villas in this region will give you numerous opportunities to interact with local people, explore the region ad soak up in the history and culture. Home cooked cuisines still remain a specialty in this region with most of the ingredients sourced from the wild such as mushrooms, herbs and game.


For an unforgettable villa holiday in a scenic island then Sicily will be the ideal destination. It is the largest island in the Mediterranean offering stunning beaches, striking natural beauty, fascinating history and mouthwatering cuisines. The islands rich past has left indelible landmarks such as majestic sites and wonderful archeological sites. Sicily’s most distinctive feature is its famed natural wonder Mount Etna formed as a result of volcanic activity.

The local people are friendly and welcoming and a villa holiday amongst this hospitable people will go a long way into helping you get intrigued by their rich culture and traditions. The cuisine in Sicily is Italian in style with Greek and Arabic influences. Some of the popular dishes in Sicily include fried rice balls filled with meat, sea food and salads. Sicily is particularly famous for its delectable desserts that include Cannoli, gelato among others. If you love tasting tasty dishes then Sicily is the destination for you.

Italian Villa Experiences to Make Your Mouth Water

Older travelers may be disadvantaged when it comes to seeking travel insurance, most companies have an age limit to most of their policies. This is especially a reality to those aged above 79 as that is the limit age for most insurers; above this limit lesser insurers may be willing to offer their services, but generally finding travel insurance for over 80s can be difficult.

This unpleasant reality is based on the fact that insurers price premiums according to the increased risks that are associated with aging. The insurers are in business and aiming to make profits, since statistically older people are more likely to make a claim as compared to younger people hence some avoid insuring the elderly altogether.

You may even be tempted to travel without one altogether but it is bound to be expensive if anything happened to you. However, if you are willing to do a bit of research, you will be pleasantly surprised to realize that there are still companies that offer quality services to the aged.


Though most policies exclude the over 80s you will be relieved to find out that there are several reputable insurers willing to cover the above age bracket. Generally the policies for the over 80s will be highly priced as compared to other policies for younger people. This is due to the fact that the aged require specialized care and may even have a history of pre-existing medical conditions which are not covered in other policies. However they do come with additional benefits that are not included in other policies including extra emergency and medical covers.


You may be tempted to leave out some details about your health especially those that seem harmless in order to get the insurance to be cheaper. Don’t! You might pay dearly in case of any unpleasant surprises. The existing medical conditions should be declared so that it would be easier to lay a claim when need be. If insufficient information about your health was given your current policy may be invalidated if you needed to lay a claim and all that money spent purchasing the policy might just go down the drain.


Most people over 80 are retired and hence travel to many different destinations and probably stay longer. Though multi trip or annual policies may be the best option for most travelers, they may not be as cost effective for older travelers due to the age limitations. However all is not lost since you can still find insurers willing to offer you an annual travel policy.

You may also find that you could make some savings if you are only willing to travel in Europe and hence avoid getting worldwide policies which are pricey. Remember some parts such as Egypt, Morocco and most of North Africa are still considered as parts of Europe in some deals so you are not only confined by your policy in Europe only.

 Insurance for the Elderly How to Get Over 80's Travel Insurance

Greek is a perfect destination for any holiday maker, with no discrimination to age or size or even origin everyone will find something to enjoy in Greece. From numerous islands harboring ancient cities, sundrenched beaches, jaw dropping sceneries and mouth watering cuisines, Greek will definitely enthrall you. Whether you want some peace and quiet or you want to dance till the wee hours of the morning, you will definitely find a place to suit your desires in Greek. Here are five places that you must visit on your luxury holidays to Greece.


This is one of the most popular of the Greek islands and the most cosmopolitan located in the heart of the Cyclades island groups. It is a whitewashed paradise where glamour meets simplicity in the most unearthing way and is synonymous with entertainment and fun. Here the celebrities, aristocrats, college students and families forget their troubles and soak up in the endless fun.

The must visit places on this vibrant island is the capital town of Hóra where you can experience the exceptional Cycladic architecture, the church of Panaiya Peraportiani and the pristine sun kissed cosmopolitan beaches sprawled all over the island.


This island is a part of the Sporades Island group and despite being flocked with tourists in the recent years it still retains its unspoilt beauty and charming character. It has immaculate beaches with Koukounaries being determined as the third most beautiful beach in the Mediterranean. Places not to miss on the island include its capital, the Venetian fortress, the harbor and the Church of the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary.


Ios is a part of the Cyclades group of islands and offers an exciting alternative to other established locations such as Santorini and Mykonos. Walk through the capital with its white washed cubic houses and roofed alleyways, explore its picturesque qualities; the epitome of elegance and sophistication. The twelve windmills, the Panaiya Gremiótissa, the Paleókastro Byzantine castle and the “Odysseas Elytis” Open-Air Theatre are some of the must visit places in Ios.


Páros offers unforgettable holidays to those that choose to visit it; its beauty is unrivalled, it has excellent beaches with crystal clear waters, enchanting Byzantine footpaths interconnecting ancient villages and the pulsating nightlife leave you invigorated and relaxed. Make sure to visit Parikía which is the capital of the island with white washed cubic houses and impressive neoclassical mansions and the ancient traditional villages which will dazzle you.


There is absolutely no point in visiting Greece without stopping over at the crescent shaped islands of Santorini the precious gem of the Aegean. It is a combination of several islands which are still considered as part of an active volcano and the only volcano in the world whose crater is in the sea. It is also one of the world’s most romantic destinations. Must visit places of Santorini include the capital town of the island Firá which is perched high up on edge of the caldera and almost appears as if painted.


5 Places Not to Miss on Greek Holidays

There are a lot of things to do, a lot of places to go to and all the more a lot of top reasons to visit Palmas. Being the largest city in the state of Tocantins of Brazil, Palmas is bordered by Serra do Lajead in the East and is near the Tocantins River. A city with a tropical climate with only dry and rainy season, the place has become conducive for an action-packed vacation or an educational trip that can be enjoyable at the same time.

The Araguaia Palace  in the Square of the Sunflowers, Palmas
The Araguaia Palace in the Square of the Sunflowers, Palmas

This place surrounded with green sceneries is just awe-inspiring. Cesamar Park is a great place to walk while enjoying the calmness of the area. Strolling, hiking or just wandering around the forest while admiring the peacefulness of the place will surely leave you mesmerized. It’s simply nature’s beauty at its finest yet it gives you the time to cherish the moment of being able to witness such remarkable view. Beyond doubt, Cesamar Park is one of the top reasons to visit Palmas.

Roncadeira Waterfall’s splendor which has been well-preserved through the years is another reason to visit Palmas. Locals take pride of this scenic spot and the many developments just recently made at the entrance of the waterfalls with a restaurant and a parking area just outside. Basically, it only takes around 20 minutes to get to the waterfall. The trail to the waterfall is absolutely not for the weak at heart for you may encounter a lot of slippery rocks along the way but, once you surpass that, you’ll be more than willing to take any risk just to experience this marvelous site. This place is just perfect for those who long to experience exciting activities.

If you’re the type of person who wants an educational trip then, a tour to the Araguaia Palace, the administrative area of the city is a must see. At the lobby there are painted tiles that may interest you and at night the place is just beautiful and magnificent. Most of all, the architecture itself is just stunning that’s why a lot of people visit the place.

For all that’s worth, a visit to Palmas is just as great as the other places in Brazil. Although it’s not as famous as the other cities like Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo or Salvador nonetheless, there is still so much to see in this place. If you’ve been to places that you consider the best places you’ve been to so far, I bet you might learn to love Palmas too.

The top tourist attractions in Olinda are some of the best things about Brazil.  Located in the Northeastern state of Pernambuco, Brazil, Olinda is well-known for its historical sites (which date back 16th to 17th century), and the popular Carnival.

With the blue sea as its backdrop, Olinda proves to be an interesting place to stroll and marvel at, with its colonial structures and vibrant colours.

Here are some of the top tourist attractions in Olinda.

Mosteiro de Sao Bento in Olinda, Pernambuco
Mosteiro de Sao Bento in Olinda, Pernambuco

The whole city itself.  Its historic downtown avenue is one of the top tourist attractions in Olinda and should be explored by foot.  It features a great number of historical attractions such as the Franciscan Monastery, the Sao Joao Church, one of the few surviving infrastructures after Olinda was pillaged by the Dutch in the 17th century, Sao Bento Church, with its beautiful baroque altar, and Praca do Carmo with its nice gardens and iconic church.

The city itself is jampacked with museums and historical sites, which may require you to stay a few more days to experience the magic the entire city offers.

Belvedere Alto de Se.  Marvel at the breathtaking view of the shimmering Atlantic sea to the east, and a panorama of the city to the west, from the yard of the Church of Alto de Se.

Mercado de Ribeira.  Pass by this 18th century building for some souvenir shopping.  While you’re there, check out the art galleries.

Serenades.  Not to be missed is the weekend night serenades by groups of singers and musicians who play traditional songs on the streets of Olinda.

Carnaval.  This much-awaited street party is quite different from that in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, where you can join in for free.  The Carnaval has blocos parades accompanied by lively frevo and maracato music.

The major highlights of the Carnaval are the 24 hour street parties from Friday to Wednesday, and the parade of giant dolls.

Knowing the best time to visit Salvador according to season may not be as simple as it sounds. After all, seasons also determine not only the convenience of the travelers but also create the environment that influences the itinerary. This capital city of the Brazilian state of Bahia has two distinct seasons. After all, Bahia is pretty much a tropical environment, absent of the usual four seasons available in other locations around the world. Salvador is a very interesting place because is features the microcosm of the nation’s modern culture. This city is full of possibilities for a wide variety of travelers. Its urban environment is a hotspot for casual and luxurious travelers while the outskirts and countryside cater to the nature lovers. It is important to take note that, like most of the Brazilian countries, Salvador is predominantly Catholic Christian.

Farol de Barra in Salvador, Brazil
Farol de Barra in Salvador, Brazil

1. Dry Season

The dry season occurs from November to April. Many people consider this the best time to visit Salvador because of its mild climate and the virtual absence of humidity. Since it seldom rains during this month bracket, it is easier to travel around poorly paved wilderness outskirts. The dry season is definitely an ideal time to observe the wildlife. After all, most of the ecological parks (like Montecristo) often close during the rainy season. There is a certain exception in dry season for certain ecological activities.

2. Rainy Season

The rainy season is also the best time to visit Salvador for a different variety of travelers. People who enjoy surfing at the beaches of Salvador would find rainy season to be an awesome period. It is during these days that the gales blow higher, prompting surfers to make the most of the thrilling ride. Another interesting thing to do during the rainy season is turtle watching. Although the rainy season starts at April, the nesting of turtles around the preservation centers of Coconut Coast and Praia do Forte occurs around the months of May up to November.

3. Semana Santa

As mentioned earlier, Salvador is predominantly a Roman Catholic city. It is important to take note that celebrating the holy week is a very important event in the city. From Holy Thursday to Black Saturday, religious locals observe the strict vigil of the Passion and Death of Christ. This has drawn the attention of tourists who seek deeper understanding of Catholic spirituality in this paradigm. By Easter Sunday, the city is rife with celebration and rejoicing of Jesus Christ’s resurrection.

4. Festival of Transfiguration

The Festival of Transfiguration is also called Festival of El Salvador. What is so interesting about this religious event is that it is starkly similar to the exact date and circumstance in which the country of El Salvador celebrates it. After all, they share a common identity by its namesake alone. One can pretty much describe this festival as no less than wild and very vigorous. It starts at August 1 and ends around August 6.

If you want to figure out some of the top things to do in Barra de Sao Miguel, then you're in luck because this post is going to discuss a few of them for your convenience. As one of the coastal municipalities of the state of Alagoas, Barra de Sao Miguel is expected to provide opportunities for water-based activities like swimming, kayaking and snorkeling. But beyond that, it's tropical climate and abundance in vegetation should also add a few other options to your itinerary.

Daintree Rainforest in Alagoas, Brazil
Daintree Rainforest in Alagoas, Brazil

Among the top things to do in Barra de Sao Miguel is join festivities as this area celebrates a handful of feast days such as Festa Junina, which is celebrated during June. This was introduced to the northeastern region of Brazil by colonizing Portuguese soldiers in place of the common St. John's Day they celebrated back at home. It is actually one of the oldest and most popular festivity in the country, enthusiastically participated in by locals. There's folk dancing, bonfires, fireworks, and theater presentation, not to mention lots and lots of food and beverages. In addition, there is also a four-day Carnival leading up to Ash Wednesday you can try out when you arrive around that time to this region.

If you wish to get down and dirty, you could take your chances in the city's own tropical forest and pursue other top things to do in Barra de Sao Miguel like trekking, climbing, and possibly rapelling on the side of steep cliffs. You could also head on out to River Niquim and take up the challenge of traversing its five kilometer length on a canoe or wild water raft. If you have the skills, you could also go fishing by the mangroves. Niquim Lagoon is also a must-see site for those who want to relax and refresh their bodies after a tiring trip as it is believed to have great medicinal powers.

Of course, it wouldn't be a complete list if we do not mention the beaches of Barra de Sao Miguel. These are what makes it really charming, apart from the antiquated colonial buildings like the Church of Santana. If you wish to surf, you should head out to Meio Beach. If you fancy a diving escapade, you should be in Praia das Conchas, Bonita Beach or Porto de Vaca. And if you wish to just go sunbathing, Beach Niquim would be the perfect destination for you.

Certainly there are a lot of top things to know about visiting Marechal Deodoro Brazil. Marechal Deodoro is a municipality in Alagaos Brazil.

Marechal Deodoro is a historical city which offers a lot of stories aging back in history. Exploring Marechal Deodoro undeniably provides tourists the beautiful opportunity to learn about Brazil’s culture and tradition. There are a lot of artifacts to be found in the area. The warm people in the area, being traditionalized are making their own products by hand. They make clothing made of cotton which is grown in the region, wood carvings and baskets. They even have a two stories building which are filled with artesanato handicrafts. You can see variety of quality clothing such as hand crocheted shirts and believe it or not, they spend more than two weeks to make one shirt and they only sell it for a really small price which is a real bargain. In Marechal Deodoro, these colorful shirts top over bikini and are very famous outfit for beach goers. These are even more attractive to tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of the beach combined with the beauty of their looks.

An added inclusion among the top things to know about visiting Marechal Deodoro is that it has a wide array of beaches that can go well with the variable tastes of beach-goers ranging from those in search for serenity to those who are after for more adventure. You can hardly say which beach is better since beauty is something subjective but one thing is for sure, you will be able to enjoy the lucid waters, fine sand and the vibrantly-hued landscapes.

Furthermore, among the popular getaways in Marechal Deodoro are the boat rides wherein you can either go fishing at the center of the ocean or go diving and see various reefs and fishes. This could be a fun water adventure for you and your friends, families and loved ones. You can stay for an hour diving and can even take a dip and just snorkel around and explore as much aquatic wildlife as you can. If you do not know how to dive, professionals are available to teach beginners and for tour-goers who do not have diving equipments, materials are available for rent on the beach corners. Undeniably, Marechal Deodoro offers not only the scenic beauty of the beach but also convenience for all beach activities. This is the reason why tour goers are attracted to Marechal Deodoro beaches most of the time.

Apart from these wonderful sceneries, one of the top things to know about visiting Marechal Deodoro is that they have delicious cuisines that must be tried and tested by every traveler. They even have Chinese buffet house for those travelers, especially Asians, who would want to have a feel of home in their vacations. Truly, Marechal Deodoro is a place to visit in Brazil.